Kaleidoscope Church

Ministry Departments


Kaleidoscope Church is joined together by the following Ministry Departments which assist in making us who we are and what we do. Meet all the important people in our family.

Collin Brown Video Production
Colin Brown

Colin runs the Video Department.

Linda Jephthah Hospitality
Linda Jephthah

Linda runs the kitchen teams who serve the congregants on a Sunday with refreshments.

Lance Abrahams Photography
Lance Abrahams

Lance runs all photography on Sundays and for Kaleidoscope events.
Trevor Solomons Children's Church
Trevor Solomons

Trevor runs the Children’s Church on a Sunday, except for school holidays when there is no Children’s Church.
Richard Barratt Booktable
Richard Barratt

Richard runs the booktable..


Tony Drake Sound
Tony Drake

Tony Drake runs the sound department.